Friday August 5, 2022:  Vacation Nightmare; Your Best Impression; Your Own Obituary

Friday August 5, 2022:  Vacation Nightmare; Your Best Impression; Your Own Obituary

What’s the worst place you can get stuck?  A family got stuck on a ride at Disney World and the song that was playing might have been the scariest part!  (:30)

We’re all a little addicted to our phones, but if you can’t put it down for even a five minute conversation, that’s all I need to know about you!  (3:35)

 What would people say about you in your obituary?  You may be able to find out because apparently lots of people have them written in advance!  (7:20)

Can you do any impressions?  A viral video of a spot-on Michael Jackson impression has Anna wanting to see the whole show’s best impressions!  (11:09)

Have you ever gone on vacation and had something disastrous happen to your house while you were gone?  Anna’s friend went on vacation for 5 weeks and could not believe the state of her house when she got back home!  (15:07)

It’s time for Mommy’s Margarita Friday: Father’s Day Edition!  Moms (and Dads) share all the crazy things that their kids have put them through this week that have definitely earned them a margarita!  (29:14)

How do you handle an employee that made a mistake at work?  This is something that Anna has struggled with in the past so she decided to call in career coach Becca Carnihan to give her some tips!  (31:21)

Tamara and Chris have a son entering kindergarten. Tamara would like his son to take the bus. She thinks it’s character building and he’ll make friends. Chris disagrees and says she should do pick up and drop off since she works from home, he’s too young and terrible things happen on the bus. What do you think?   (35:15)

Angela thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $1000 jackpot?  (42:50)