Wednesday August 17, 2022:  Turtle Trouble; Raven Got Shipwrecked; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday August 17, 2022:  Turtle Trouble; Raven Got Shipwrecked; Wellness Wednesday

Working in radio, Anna has heard a lot of crazy things in her life, but this last weekend she was left shocked by what she overheard a woman say out loud!  (:30)

How do you sleep?  If you’ve been struggling with getting a good night’s rest, Anna and Raven may have the solution for you!  Fair warning, they got it off of Tiktok…  (3:41)

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation behind the wheel, you should absolutely put your hazards on.  But if you use your hazards as an excuse to break parking laws, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:41)

What do you do when you find a spider in your house?  Anna and Raven got an angry email about the treatment of common house spiders, and they just had to read it on the air!  (11:08)

The first day of school is coming but there’s a potentially dangerous side to the first day of school that Anna and Raven had never realized.  Psychotherapist, author, and social media expert Lena Derhally spoke about how your first day of school pictures could be putting your children at risk!  (15:08)

Have you ever been stuck on a boat?  Raven had a terrifying boat trip recently where he found himself trapped with his entire family!  (18:50)

If you found a turtle lying on the side of the road, what would you do?  Anna’s friend thought she was helping the poor little guy out, but she might have accidentally ended up making things worse!  (29:19)

Mark’s buddy is getting married and so far, he’s had a stag party, registered for a ton of outrageous things (including a Jeep and a honeymoon) and now has asked his groomsmen to pitch in to cover his expenses for his bachelor party trip to Vegas. Mark’s wife, Caroline, says it’s obnoxious and that the least he can do is pay his own travel costs. Mark says it’s his wedding, and he’s a groomsman, what’s another $300 to cover his portion at this point? She says it’s the principle, what do you think? (36:11)

Julia thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $100 jackpot?  (44:26)