Wednesday September 7, 2022:  You’re In Trouble; List Makers; The Science of Stalking

Wednesday September 7, 2022:  You’re In Trouble; List Makers; The Science of Stalking

If you were super rich, what would you never do again?  Anna read a story about one of the richest women in the world doing something with her kids that Anna would never do if she had that kind of money!  (:30)

Have you ever been stalking someone online and accidentally hit “like” on a picture?  Don’t panic!  According to psychologist Brit Frank, there is a science to stalking and how to do it correctly!  (3:32)

Emotional support animals are nice, but if yours is a deadly predator, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:13)

Have you ever felt a little depressed following a vacation?  It happens to everybody, but Anna found an article about some ways to avoid the post-vacation blues!  (10:30)

Have you ever been stood up on a date?  It just happened to Producer Jon last weekend and Anna wants to know everything!  (14:31)

Kids get into trouble in school all the time, but have you ever gotten into trouble at your kids’ school?  Anna managed to get herself into trouble with her daughter’s school on the very first day!  (18:30)

Anna and Raven have a Christmas movie coming out!  No, seriously.  The trailer for “Santa’s 2nd Wife” has officially been released, but it’s got Raven feeling a little upset!  (26:19)

Are you a list maker?  It’s a great way to keep yourself organized, but Producer Sean makes lists of something completely bizarre!  (30:19)

Sean and Dominque have five-year-old twins that want to have separate birthday parties. One would like a trampoline birthday party, the other wants a horse-riding party. Sean says no way, they can compromise and have one shared birthday party. It’s too expensive! Dominque says they are at the age where they need to be individuals and should be able to have separate parties with each of their interests. What would you do?  (37:37)

Kristen has got a shot at $1300!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize? (45:25)