Thursday September 8, 2022:  Glory Days; Onion Hair; What Your Targeted Ads Say About You

Thursday September 8, 2022:  Glory Days; Onion Hair; What Your Targeted Ads Say About You

What temperature do you set your thermometer too?  Anna keeps her’s relatively high at 72, but Producers’ Sean and Jon both keep their respective houses at artic temperatures!  (:15)

Smoking can be a tough habit to quit, but if you’re still smoking in crowded areas that’s all I need to know about you!  (3:22)

How many key tags do you have?  Most people have a discount card to their local grocery store or gym, but Raven has over 18 tags on his key chain!  (6:17)

What was your moment of glory?  A British man has assembled some of his childhood friends to relive a glorious sports moment that ended in controversy…  (10:05)

Anna has three crazy news stories and Raven is gonna pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; another Florida gator story, a woman claims she was arrested for being hot, and a potential chess cheater!  (21:17)

How do you keep your hair looking healthy and smooth?  One major celebrity uses a very controversial (and smelly) method, so Anna decided to try it out!  (25:47)

They say that your targeted ads on Instagram can say a lot about who you are as a person!  Anna decided to have the whole show scroll through their ads and Producer Jon ended up getting caught in an awkward situation!  (29:27)

Are you up to date on this weeks biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the reason that Raven is so excited to watch TV later!  (33:01)

Eric and Amanda have been dating for a couple of years and recently Amanda noticed that Eric still has pictures of his ex-girlfriend in his camera roll on his phone. She thinks it’s odd and wants him to delete the pictures. He says it was a time of his life, he loves the way he looks in the pictures, and keeping them has nothing to do with his ex, why would he delete them? What do you think?  (36:16)

Joe has got a shot at $1400!  Can he beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (44:24)