Tuesday October 18, 2022: Jealous Again; Walk Out; Anna’s Speech

Tuesday October 18, 2022: Jealous Again; Walk Out; Anna’s Speech

Depending on your unique algorithm, the internet can look very different depending on the person.  Raven found a story online that Anna would’ve never found in a million years! (:30)

What are the three spookiest cities in the US?  Anna is going to one of them this weekend and she’s expecting to be terrified! (3:08)

Comedy shows are about the performer, not about you, so if you insist on being a part of the show, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:07)

Have you ever been jealous of a friend?  Anna has two friends who have been doing fun things with their lives and she’s totally in her feelings about it! (11:03)

If you paid money to go to an event, does that mean you’ll stay the entire time?  Producer Sean walked out of something he spent good money on and Anna couldn’t believe it! (22:37)

Anna has to give a speech tomorrow and she’s running out of things to talk about!  She asked Producer Jon to use his musical talents to help her brainstorm! (29:35)

What would you do in this situation?  Protesters in the UK have been pouring out gallons of milk in the middle of the grocery store and Anna wants to know how all the members of the show would react in that situation. (33:29)

Louie and Fran have been debating getting a live-in au-pair. Louie thinks it’ll be more cost efficient and give them more freedom with their busy work schedules. Fran just feels weird having a stranger from a different country come to live in their home for a year. What are your thoughts, and have you been in a similar situation? (37:10)

Jenna has got a shot at $1500!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (44:39)