MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do you go trick or treating?

Group of kids with Halloween costumes walking to trick or treating

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do you go trick or treating?

Happy Halloween! I’m sure tonight you’ll either be heading out with the kids or handing out candy from your front door. But why do we do this tradition every year anyway?

Trick-or-treating was supposedly inspired by something called “mumming” which people used to do back in the Middle Ages.  They would dress up as ghosts and demons then go door-to-door performing songs and scenes from plays hoping people would give them food and drinks as a thank you. It sounds a lot like Christmas caroling actually. You had to work for your candy. Then over the years it evolved into the modern version we know today.

Here in the U.S. back in early 1900s the other thing that was popular were Halloween cards. Families would send them out like we do with holiday cards. That’s actually a good idea I’d be into bringing back. Whole family in their costumes and then send them out. I might do that next year!

Photo credit: Getty Images