Tuesday November 8, 2022: Election Day; Powerball Problems; Change Your (Baby’s) Name

Tuesday November 8, 2022: Election Day; Powerball Problems; Change Your (Baby’s) Name

Do you have an Election Day protocol?  For Raven, Election Day is one of the few times he ever keeps a low profile! (:30)

Do you ever lie to spare somebody’s feelings?  Most people do, but when Anna did it yesterday, it ended up causing her physical pain! (3:01)

You’ll probably see a lot of signs for various candidates at your polling place today, but if the signs are actually affecting who you vote for, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:44)

Are you up to date on this weeks biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the drama surrounding Powerball! (10:44)

There are a surprising amount of Election Day songs, and Anna thinks that some of them are pretty good!  So, she asked Producer Jon to write his own song about Election Day! (14:02)

Can you change your child’s name after a few months? A major celebrity just did and Anna seems to be the only person in the room who thinks that’s strange! (18:02)

Elections are the frequent cause of debates, even among friends and Anna wants to hear everybody’s hot take!  Producer Jon and Producer Sean apparently have completely opposite views on voting! (21:58)

You don’t need to be over 18 to care about politics!  Anna asked kids what the biggest issues are that they’re worried about this election! (25:59)

Political ads can be informative, but often they’re mean or just completely ridiculous.  But Anna has located a few ads from around the country that are a new low! (29:40)

With the Powerball jackpot so high, people are spending a lot more time in convenience stores than usual!  Anna noticed that you always see the same type of people in there too… (33:13)

Justin’s sister is a single mom and regularly asks to borrow money. His wife Angie thinks that she takes advantage of him. This time she asked for $2500 so she can take her kids on vacation. Angie thinks it’s ridiculous, if you can’t afford to take your kids away yourself, you don’t go. Justin says he loves his sister and his nieces, and it’s not a big deal or a financial strain. What do you think about this? (37:01)

Doug and Ed are teaming up to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can they succeed and win the $3000 jackpot? (46:05)