Monday November 21, 2022: Dad Jokes; What You Refuse To Eat; Anna and Raven’s Road Show

Monday November 21, 2022: Dad Jokes; What You Refuse To Eat; Anna and Raven’s Road Show

Would you buy an “All You Can Fly” pass from an airline?  One airline is introducing this pass, and Anna thinks it’s a great idea! (:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories? Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending and this week it’s all about the music! (2:37)

It’s never nice to criticize someone’s parenting, but if you do and you’re not even parent yourself, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:32)

Is there a dish that you absolutely don’t like at Thanksgiving dinner? Producer Jon’s family has a special dish they make every year, but no one actually eats it! (10:11)

Is it ok to apologize to your children?  Some parents think that apologizing takes away their power, but child psychologist Dr. Joe Schippa thinks there may be some benefits! (16:58)

Saying Grace at Thanksgiving dinner is a job you wouldn’t normally leave to a child, but Anna and Raven sent Producer Jon to find out what the kids would say in that situation! (20:58)

Do you know any good dad jokes?  Anna’s husband Paul knows a ton, so Anna asked him to share some of the best ones on the air! (23:44)

Anna and Raven’s Road Show returns!  Ryan Brechlin, a Professional Antiques Appraiser, is in studio to determine if the old junk in your house is actually worth anything! (26:51)

Andrew and Gianna have a nine-year-old daughter who is very good at gymnastics. They would like to send her to an elite gymnastics’ academy but it’s very expensive. Andrew says they should ask their family to not give her Christmas gifts this year, instead give them money towards the gymnastics academy. Gianna says it’s not fair to their daughter that she won’t get regular gifts and basically, it’s a family Go Fund Me for their child. As the parents, it should be their responsibility to fit the bill even if it’ll be a struggle. What do you think?  (34:30)

Gina thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia.  Can she succeed and win the $3900 jackpot?  (42:30)