THE FEED: A Taste of India in 2023

THE FEED: A Taste of India in 2023

Every Tuesday Kevin talks all things food with Alex from CT FoodGirly. For the first Tuesday of 2023 we figured maybe you want to try a new food style or restaurant you don’t normally have. There are so many great Indian food places in Connecticut so Alex gives us some of her favorites. Naan, Fried Okra, and all the spice you can handle. Yum.

Dar Bar India, Branford – Recently moved down the street to a new location. I went a couple weeks ago and was super impressed with their cocktails, especially their lychee martini, their shrimp poori was amazing, I ate the entire thing, and their okra fries and garlic cheese naan were very tasty as well. I was speaking with the owner and his son, and soon they are going to be adding Indian pizza, sandwiches, wraps and bowls which I can’t wait for.

Jaya’s Kitchen, Wallingford – This is a South Indian restaurant that offers a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options. They offer fried rice, noodles, and a ton of specials on their menu. People really rave about Jaya’s Kitchen because their food tastes superb and it is of great quality.

House of Naan, New Haven – This is a super cozy Indian restaurant located right in New Haven. They offer a great chili cheese naan with jalapenos; a big portion of tandoori chicken and my favorite Korma sauce with basmati (buz ma tee) rice. It’s basically a sauce with a caramelized onion base and cashews – it’s super creamy, warms you right up, and is perfect for dipping that naan.

Sherkaan, New Haven – which focuses more on Indian street food and crafted cocktails. They have a super cool vibe as soon as you walk in. They have a huge menu to choose from with street eats, shared plates, salads and more. They offer a bunch of stuffed naan bread. I love their fried okra fries, and sangria. Definitely check out Sherkaan if you’re looking to change up your Indian cuisine scene.

Featured image credit: Getty Images