Monday January 9, 2023: Vegan-uary; The Internet Told Me To Do It; Chat GPT

Monday January 9, 2023: Vegan-uary; The Internet Told Me To Do It; Chat GPT

How can you tell if you’re getting old?  Aside from the obvious physical signs, if you’ve ever said these four words, you’re officially old! (:30)

Are you participating in Dry-uary?  Anna and Raven invited Dry-uary specialist Mary Reid on to the show to explain the phenomenon! (3:06)

It’s nice to include vegan options at your party, but if you get mad at someone for not doing it, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:56)

The new year is one of the busiest times for dating apps!  Producer Jon is once again single, and Anna wants to get him started on a new app! (9:26)

Dry-uary is one thing, but would you ever take part in Vegan-uary?  Anna and Raven spoke to Dietician Taylor Wolfram about how to incorporate some vegan options into your diet this month! (13:21)

Does your office have any weird policies?  Last week, Anna and Raven got three different emails about odd new policies being introduced in their office! (17:21)

Would you let an AI solve all your problems for you?  A new form of AI technology is now trending and it may change the way everyone gets their work done! (24:31)

Has the internet ever convinced you of something ridiculous? Raven is convinced that he can change his own brakes and Producer Jon has become convinced he can do something that may cause him bodily harm! (28:12)

During Alyssa and TJ’s wedding last month, TJ’s sister announced her pregnancy. Everyone was so excited about the first grandchild that would be born into the family that Alyssa felt that it took attention away from her. She would like TJ to address it with his sister, but he thinks that she was just excited, has always been a bit self-centered, and to just let it go. What would you do?  (35:22)

Jessie has got a shot at $1900! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (44:24)