Tuesday January 10, 2023: Kid’s Dream House; Trespassing; Dangerous Women

Tuesday January 10, 2023: Kid’s Dream House; Trespassing; Dangerous Women

Dry-uary is the big trend right now, but what if all the other months had a task too? (:30)

The real estate market is particularly fierce right now and Anna is willing to do almost anything to get her family’s dream house!  But would you have done this old school real estate trick to get a head start on a home? (2:50)

It can be tough to keep your kids quiet, but if your kid is constantly screaming in the hallways of your apartment building, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:51)

What does your dream house look like?  Most people would imagine a mansion, but anna and Raven wanted to hear what a kid’s dream house would look like… (10:46)

Who is your idol?  Raven got to meet his at the company holiday party! Sort of… (13:54)

Have you ever trespassed?  Anna drove onto private property recently and now she’s afraid that she’s under investigation! (17:44)

What’s the key to happiness?  Anna and Raven invited motivational speaker Paul Krismer on the show to find the key to becoming happy in 2023! (29:19)

The drama with Harry and Meghan is continuing to escalate with new shocking revelations coming out every day!  But one particular description of one of the royals got Anna’s attention… (33:10)

Troy and Sandy have a son that is a junior in high school. He was caught skipping school and was issued an in-school suspension. Their son begged his father not to tell mom because she would overact. He didn’t tell her. Sandy found out from another student’s mother, (her son too was caught and suspended) and she’s furious. She says that keeping it a secret was wrong, she’s an equal parent and deserves to know. What do you think? (37:09)

Jennifer is teaming up with her son Wesley to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can they succeed and win $2000? (46:14)