Wednesday January 11, 2023: Open Someone Else’s Mail; The Secret To Happiness; AI Side Hustle

Wednesday January 11, 2023: Open Someone Else’s Mail; The Secret To Happiness; AI Side Hustle

Did you know that the most famous knock in the world has an actual name? It sounds random at first, but when Anna did some research it actually made sense…  (:30)

What is the secret to true happiness?  According to recently completed study, the answer lies in the people around you! (2:50)

Your choice of drink is up to you, but if you order a drink with no ice, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:52)

One of the most common goals in the new year is to save some money! Anna and Raven spoke to financial expert Patrina Dixon about how to make saving money a reality on any budget! (10:23)

Would you ever open someone else’s mail? What if it was your spouse?  Anna and Raven decided to let the callers decide what the right thing to do is! (14:17)

Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash on the side?  According to Liz Dederer, CEO and master of the side hustle, the secret lies in AI! (20:26)

Are you up to date on this weeks biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you up to date on what’s trending, including the controversy around the Golden Globes piano player! (24:19)

Are you looking to meet the man of your dreams? A man named Michael called into the show trying to find someone he can build a relationship with! (27:27)

Producer Sean has been keeping a secret.  And now, after months of secrecy, he’s ready to reveal it to the world! (30:42)

Dean’s friend just asked to spend a month crashing at their apartment while he looks for a new place. Dean’s girlfriend, Breanna, is against it. The reason why he’s homeless is because his girlfriend (that’s a mutual friend) kicked him out for cheating. Breanna thinks that he made the mistake, now it’s his problem. Dean says he’s an old friend, he can’t leave him on the street! What would you do? (34:28)

Katie and Luca are teaming up to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  If they win they’ll take home $2100! (43:21)