Monday February 6, 2023: Dumbest Argument; Unimpressive Guys; Gender Reveal

Monday February 6, 2023: Dumbest Argument; Unimpressive Guys; Gender Reveal

Have you ever seen a sinkhole before?  One woman disappeared out of the blue when a sink hole opened in front of her house! (:30)

Is there a right or wrong type of gift to get someone for Valentine’s Day?  Yes, there absolutely is and etiquette expert Karen Thomas is here to help you out! (3:20)

It’s one thing if you’re still in college, but if you’re a full grown adult who can’t make their own doctor’s appointment, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:19)

What’s the dumbest argument you had this last weekend?  Anna, Raven and the producers debate which of the four of them had the weekend’s dumbest disagreement! (10:32)

Did you watch the Grammy’s last night?  Anna couldn’t believe that yet another Beyonce controversy happened! (14:31)

What do guys do that they think is impressive, but really isn’t?  Anna’s friend is getting back into the dating scene, and Anna couldn’t believe some of the messages that men have sent her! (18:20)

Did you do a gender reveal for your kids?  Producer Sean did one recently for his new baby, but thankfully it didn’t involve any living creatures like one New York couple… (29:30)

Natalie and Jake received an email from their nine-year-old daughter’s teacher asking that their daughter stop bringing a blanket to school because “it’s a distraction”. Their daughter is always cold in class so she started bringing the blanket a few weeks ago. Natalie thinks this is out of line for the teacher, it’s a blanket, she’s cold, what’s the big deal? Jake says that obviously it’s an issue if it’s being addressed and tell their daughter to cut it out. What do you think? (36:27)

Brett has got a shot at $1200!  All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (44:27)