Wednesday February 8, 2023: Don’t Make Your Bed; Football Family Secrets; Anna and Raven Ninja Warrior

Wednesday February 8, 2023: Don’t Make Your Bed; Football Family Secrets; Anna and Raven Ninja Warrior

Is there ever a good excuse for forgetting Valentine’s Day?  Most people would say no, but in this particular case you might be able to understand why! (:30)

Do you have a hell of a story?  If you want to be the storyteller and share your experience with Anna and Raven, go to and click on Helluva Story! Today’s story is about the most poorly timed Halloween costume ever!  (2:54)

No matter how advanced the technology has become, if you break up with someone over text, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:30)

Do you make your bed every morning?  For years, research has said that it’s a great way to start your day, but now a new study has revealed the gross reason you should always leave it messy! (10:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including last night’s historical moment in professional sports! (18:10)

Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at family life in the NFL?  The wife of a Pro Bowl linebacker posted a TikTok video with some shocking revelations! (21:30)

Gel manicures are all the rage right now, but a new study has revealed some unknown risks!  Dr. Jennifer Wider spoke to Anna and Raven about why women should consider going back to traditional methods. (25:25)

Superbowl celebrations can get out of hand quickly, especially in certain cities (not mention any names). But does greasing a lamp post really prevent a dedicated fan from climbing up it?  Anna and Raven decided to find out!  (28:57)

Isabelle and Cody had no plans to sell their home but they received a very good offer to sell. Cody wants to take the money, move in with his parents, and wait for the market to cool down so they can buy a bigger, better home with their windfall. Isabelle doesn’t want to sell her house, she’s happy there and moving in with the in-laws sounds awful. What do you think? (36:10)

Rich and Ron have a shot at winning $1400!  Can they beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize? (44:26)