Monday February 13, 2023: Superbowl Recap; Riri; 1st Date on Valentines Day

Monday February 13, 2023: Superbowl Recap; Riri; 1st Date on Valentines Day

What are the worst places to take a date on Valentine’s Day?  Anna found a list of them online, and one of the places on it was where she spent her first Valentine’s Day with her husband! (:15)

Last Friday, Anna, Raven and the producers made their Superbowl predictions! Now it’s time to find out which ones came true! (3:04)

In 2023, there’s really no excuse for not respecting Mother Nature, so if you’re still tossing stuff out of your car that’s all I need to know about you! (6:37)

What was the dumbest argument you had this weekend?  Producer Sean made the mistake of arguing with his pregnant girlfriend, again, but Anna found herself locked in a battle of wills with a four year old! (10:15)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including all the buzz surrounding Rihanna! (14:12)

Did you have a favorite Superbowl commercial?  The average price for 30 seconds of air time is 6-7 million, but one ad must’ve cost dramatically more based on who appeared in it! (22:17)

On Friday, tom Rock from Newsday gave Anna three football related conversation starters so she could pretend she knew what she was talking about during the big game!  Last night, she tried them out with surprising results! (26:15)

Is it a good idea to go on a first date on Valentine’s Day?  Not really, no, but if you are then etiquette expert Karen Thomas has some tips on how to make it less awkward! (30:13)

Superbowl ads cost millions of dollars, but is that money really worth it?  Anna and Raven spoke to marketing expert Michael Field to see which commercials were actually worth the money! (34:14)

For months, Frank has been telling his wife that he goes to a great therapist for sports massages because he’s an avid tennis player. Turns out that Alicia, Frank’s wife, found out that the “incredible therapist” is actually a regular, very young, very pretty massage therapist at a local spa. She thinks he’s been hiding this from her and wants him to switch to a male masseuse. What do you think? (38:03)

Cheryl has got a shot at $1700!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (47:11)