Tuesday February 28, 2023: Nicknames; Body Doubles; Who’d You Sue?

Tuesday February 28, 2023: Nicknames; Body Doubles; Who’d You Sue?

Did you know that Anna and Raven are actually robots?!  Ok not really, but in the next 10 years they may be replaced by them… (:30)

Do you tell yourself any daily affirmations?  In the name of mental health, Anna has written every member of the show their own personalized affirmation! (3:05)

Looking at your phone while driving is very dangerous, so if you’re a passenger trying to show the driver something on your phone, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:55)

Did you have a nickname growing up? Anna’s toddler has a new nickname and Anna is terrified of it becoming permanent! (10:08)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the new use of body doubles in the workplace!  (25:38)

What happened when you sued somebody?  A cartoon has found itself in potential legal trouble after it made fun of the wrong pair of royals! (29:34)

Freddy and Hazel have been dating for a few months. Things are going well except that Hazel has a problem with the fact that Freddy still lives with his ex-girlfriend. He has four months left on the lease and just wants to finish the term so he can move on. He does have a separate room from his ex. Hazel says it’s uncomfortable and she wants him to just pay his four-month portion of the rent and move out. He says that’s a waste of money and it’s only four months left. What do you think? She lives at home, so moving in together is not an option.  (36:20)

It’s Tied for Five week for Can’t Beat Raven! All week, those who tied Raven for five get a chance at redemption. Today, Mary gets her shot at $2700! (43:36)