Thursday March 2, 2023: Time You Were Tardy; The Pitch Clock; Wrong Answers Only

Thursday March 2, 2023: Time You Were Tardy; The Pitch Clock; Wrong Answers Only

Is there something you bring with you everywhere you go?  One of the biggest movie stars in the world carries a cup with them everywhere they go, but Anna brings something with a little more utility… (:30)

Anna has three crazy news stories but Raven can only pick one!  Today his options are; mischief night in March, a shopping cart lawsuit, and a man arrested while ordering curly fries! (4:31)

Having a tough conversation over dinner can get dramatic sometimes, but if you’re full-on sobbing in a restaurant and won’t leave, that’s all I need to know about you! (8:19)

Pranks can be fun, but one Tiktoker might have taken it too far.  What would you do if you came downstairs and someone had done something gross to your kitchen? (12:06)

Have you ever been late and it really messed something up?  Three major celebrities were late to a big event and no level of fame could fix the problem! (15:50)

Baseball has instituted a new “pitch clock” to speed up games and some fans are furious about it!  It got Anna thinking though; what else could benefit from a “pitch clock”? (23:15)

There’s a mystery afoot!  Anna found something mysterious in her home and she only has two theories, one of which could threaten her marriage! (27:06)

Do you have expensive china in your home that you never use?  Anna has been looking to get rid of hers and she is open to suggestions about how… (31:06)

Jenna and Frank have been dating for a while but the one thing that Frank has requested is that Jenna stop wearing makeup. His family is European and he insists that beauty doesn’t come from makeup, and she is so pretty without it. Jenna thinks it’s a strange request and feels very uncomfortable about it. She never leaves the house without her makeup. What would you do? (38:42)

It’s Tied for Five week for Can’t Beat Raven! All week, those who tied Raven for five get a chance at redemption. Today, William gets his shot at $2900! (45:44)