MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is Pi Day on March 14th?

Blackboard with Happy Pi Day message

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is Pi Day on March 14th?

You’ve probably seen this all over your feeds today. People wishing “Happy Pi Day!” with pizza gifs, apple pie photos, and lots of numbers in a row. But why today?

Let’s start with the he symbol for Pi. Which has been around for 250 years now. First introduced by a Welsh mathematician in 1706. It was then made popular by another mathematician named Leonhard Euler.

The concept behind the number is that the exact value of pi can never be calculated. This is because it’s impossible to every find the accurate area or circumference of a circle.

The reason why people celebrate on March 14 or 3/14 is because the first digits of the value of Pi are 3.14. Then the infinite number goes on forever from there. Never ending.

Math nerds already knew this. But now you do too! Happy Pi Day indeed.

Image credit: Getty Images