Thursday March 16, 2023: That’s Not A Magic Wand; Don’t Bring The Kids; Drink With Your Parents

Thursday March 16, 2023: That’s Not A Magic Wand; Don’t Bring The Kids; Drink With Your Parents

What websites do you check when you get up in the morning?  Anna found a list of the top five and some of them were a big surprise! (:30)

Anna has three crazy news stories but Raven can only pick one! Today his options are; a lawsuit over boneless wings, an avocado assault, and a half million dollar crab heist! (3:36)

Karaoke can be a fun group activity, but if you’re pressuring your friends into doing it, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:13)

Have you ever taken your kids somewhere that turned out to be a terrible idea?  Anna brought her daughter to Lego Land, but severely underestimated her daughter’s desire to destroy everything in her path!  (11:11)

Have you ever gone out drinking with your parents?  Brendan Fraser went out with his 20-something son after his Oscar win, but Producer Jon once had a family night of drinking when he was still under-age! (22:00)

Anna’s daughter has been obsessed with a party favor she got at a birthday last weekend! But she was horrified when the host of that party emailed Anna and told her what the toy really was! (26:00)

Have you ever lost a job because you don’t meet the qualifications?  Happens to most people, but Anna saw a viral post about a job that nobody could possibly qualify for! (29:09)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including a terrifying twin mix up! (32:45)

Parker and Kelcy have a daughter in kindergarten. Their teacher emailed them to say that she thinks that her daughter’s lunch is very unhealthy and that’s why she isn’t eating it. Kelcy thinks the teacher is overstepping her boundaries. She’s aware of what a picky eater their daughter is and the teacher should back off. Parker says she barely eats anyway, just pack a healthier lunch to appease the teacher. Kelcy says with the packaged goods at least there’s a chance she’ll eat it! What do you think? How would you react? (36:13)

Angie thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia! Can she succeed and win the $3900 jackpot? (44:27)