Wednesday March 29th, 2023: Relator Codes; Race Walking; The Return Of 90’s Fashion

Wednesday March 29th, 2023: Relator Codes; Race Walking; The Return Of 90’s Fashion

Nick Cannon was accused of giving the mothers of his children an allowance. Did you have an allowance growing up? (0:30)

Do realtors trick you to go view homes? In Anna’s search for a new home, she’s figured out the code words realtors use to get you interested in a new place. (4:16)

If you do this while out in public, that’s all I need to know about you… (7:42)

Running might be doing you more harm than good, but we’ve got great news! There is a thing called “race walking” that can replace running and the damage it does to your body. (11:03)

Anna is still on the fence on what to do with the tape she found in her house, and everyone has advice on what she should do with it.. (14:46)

90’s fashion trends have been making a comeback, but do any kids from generation z know what they are? We asked high schoolers to see if they had any clue about 90’s fashion. (18:43)

Anna bribed someone recently and she couldn’t believe that it worked! Have you ever bribed someone? (22:40)

Couples Court: Hank and Evelyn planned a trip to Costa Rica for them and their three children. Two of their children are teenagers and still in high school, their older daughter is 24. They asked their older daughter many times if the dates they planned to go worked for her, and she said yes. Now that everything is booked, she can’t get off work and wants them to change the dates. Hank says no way, this is her problem. She should have talked to her boss the first six times they asked her to check about dates. Evelyn says it’ll be so sad without her, they need to change their vacation. What would you do? (30:27)

Can Marion beat Raven and win the $800 jackpot? How many questions would you have gotten right? (33:18)

Producer Sean is expecting his first child, but it’s his girlfriend’s second. What are your thoughts on “sprinkles”? A baby shower for your second child? Do you think there should be baby showers at all? (43:07)