Monday April 17th, 2023: Weekend Arguments, Burn It Down, Singing The News 

Monday April 17th, 2023: Weekend Arguments, Burn It Down, Singing The News 

Ever wonder why the bartender never comes your way? A bartender explains what will get you served first. (:30)

What is the best appliance you could have in your house according to Chef Plum? He explains what it is and why it’s so perfect. (3;47)

If you still don’t do this after using the bathroom, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:35)

Statistics say that you have the most arguments with your family over the weekend. Who had the dumbest argument over the weekend? You decide!  (10:56)

A new trend about running has gone viral, but is it even true? Dr. Wider has some thoughts. (14:50)

Jeremy Renner’s mother said she wanted to burn the snowplow that ran her son over to the ground. What would you burn down?  (18:03)

With Raven out this week, we have a different way to bring you the news…through Producer Jon’s songs!  (25:43)

Yankees players must follow a rule called “neatness counts” and it’s crazy! What is the strange rule you once had at a job? (29:16)

Couples Court: Eli and Morgan have adopted a new puppy and Morgan wants to start an Instagram page for him. Eli thinks it’s ridiculous to have an Instagram account for a dog. Plus, what if some weirdo tries to steal their dog? Morgan says that he may go viral, and they may be able to make money! What are your thoughts on animals having Instagram accounts? (36;49)

With Raven on vacation, we are playing Craigslist Price Is Right! If you can guess the price correctly of the ridiculous item Anna describes, you’ll win a gift card to Target!  (43:51)