Thursday May 11, 2023: Man VS. Machine; CPR Sing-A-Long; Anna’s Lie Detector Test

Thursday May 11, 2023: Man VS. Machine; CPR Sing-A-Long; Anna’s Lie Detector Test

When you turn on your laptop, do you cover the camera?  A surprisingly large amount of people do it, and they may have a point… (:15)

Anna has three crazy news stories, but Raven can only pick one!  Today his options are; a children’s book author with a dark side, a killer whale copy cat, and a neighborly dispute over dumping! (3:06)

We live in an age of gifs and emojis, so if you’re still typing LOL in a text message, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:40)

Usually a cardiac incident isn’t the kind of thing you would want a soundtrack for, but according to the American Heart Association, there are some songs that can facilitate CPR and save lives! (10:07)

Who could possibly write a better Mother’s Day poem for your mom than you, right?  Turns out, ChatGPT might give you a run for your money… (13:27)

Even teachers can’t be perfect all the time, it’s ok to admit it every now and then!  Producer Jon worked at a school for 8 years, but would occasionally make a mistake that cost some students their recess! (20:58)

There’s a new lie detector app and it only costs $2! Naturally, Anna decided to hook herself up to it and have her teenager ask her questions! (28:52)

How do you get rid of the hiccups?  A legendary athlete could use your help, he’s been struggling with hiccups for over a year now! (32:52)

Dennis and Carla belong to a country club and Dennis signed up for the Mother’s Day golf tournament. Carla isn’t happy about it, she isn’t a golfer and this means that he’ll be leaving Mother’s Day morning and not returning until 2pm. He argues that there will still be plenty of time to go out for dinner, plus, it’s at the club! She should just come and hang with the kids. Is she being unreasonable because she doesn’t want to just stay home with the kids? (36:25)

Cindy has got a shot at $200! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (43:08)