Friday June 2nd: Raven’s Report Card; Favorite Kid; Mommy’s Margarita

Friday June 2nd: Raven’s Report Card; Favorite Kid; Mommy’s Margarita

There is an actual list of the twenty best nude beaches throughout the world, and you won’t believe how many are in America. (0:30)

Every week, Raven’s wife Alicia grades Raven based on how he has behaved as a husband. What grade will he get this week? (3:03)

If you do this when an ambulance passes you, that’s all I need to know about you. (6:15)

Raven picks’em. Three trending news stories, but you only hear about one, and Raven gets to pick it. (9:49)

Anna spent three and a half hours at a Taylor Swift concert! What do you believe shouldn’t be three hours or more? (13:52)

What’s trending right now? Everyone who is falling live on stage! (17:31)

Do you have siblings? Do your parents tell you they don’t have a favorite? Statistics say, they might be lying to you! (21:12)

Couples Court Jeremy’s stepson asked him not to attend his high school graduation because his biological father is coming, and he feels that there will be a lot of tension between the men. Jeremy agreed, he has a great relationship with his stepson and wants to respect his decision. His wife, Tessa, is very upset about this. She feels that Jeremy has been more of a father to her son than her ex ever was. Her son doesn’t know the terrible things his father did years ago, she wants Jeremy to just go. What would you do? (28:54)

Does Jerry and his kids have what it takes to walk away with the $1,200 Can’t Beat Raven jackpot?! (37:47)

It’s Mommy Margarita Friday! What have you done this week to earn your margarita? (41:27)

Miss any of the shows this week? Catch Anna & Raven’s recap of some of the most important moments on the show! (45:31)