Monday August 7, 2023: Steal From The Office; Tales From The Delivery Room; Credit Due

Monday August 7, 2023: Steal From The Office; Tales From The Delivery Room; Credit Due

Lots of people have cameras outside of their home, but what about inside?  Anna has been in a serious debate with her teenage daughter, and she’s wondering if maybe she’s wrong! (:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories? Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the woman who has been married 4 times in a very specific location! (3:37)

The laundromat has a very specific set of rules surrounding how long your clothes should be in there, so if you’re keeping your clothes in there and holding other people up, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:24)

Did you get into a dumb argument this weekend? Anna has once again been blamed for something by her teenage daughter that’s completely out of her control! (10:38)

Did you do something nice for someone over the weekend, but they didn’t give you any credit?  Or did someone do something nice for you, but you forgot to thank them?  Anna and Raven will give you the credit due! (14:48)

What went down in the delivery room? Producer Sean is back from paternity leave and he’s got some stories to share about his delivery room experience! (22:18)

What do people steal from your office?  Anna and Raven got an email about something disappearing from the office and it wasn’t office supplies! (29:25)

Diana’s mother recently passed away and her 17-year-old daughter was very close with her grandmother. She has sketched an image and wants to get it tattooed but she needs one of her parents to sign for her to get it. Dad (Richard) says no way. She just turned 17, she’s too young, she needs to wait to get a tattoo. Diana disagrees, it’s meaningful, she wants it, just let her get it. What do you think? (36:44)

Theresa has got a shot at $1800! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (45:35)