Wednesday August 16, 2023: You Shouldn’t Eat That; Side Of The Bed; Dating Red Flag

Wednesday August 16, 2023: You Shouldn’t Eat That; Side Of The Bed; Dating Red Flag

Have you ever had a great idea for a new invention?  Anna had an idea that could save the lives of billions! (:30)

What side of the bed do you sleep on? Most people have a preferred side and it actually says a lot about your personality! (4:07)

Recovering from an injury can be boring, but if you’re out late at the bar with an ankle brace on, that’s all need to know about you! (7:56)

Have you ever eaten something that you knew might be a bad choice? Anna’s husband ordered something incredibly questionable at dinner recently and, surprise, it made him really ill! (10:53)

When was the last time you got pulled over? It happened to Anna yesterday and the rest of the show is going to guess if she got a ticket or not! (21:43)

Are you staying properly hydrated this summer? After hearing some sketchy advice about hydration on social media, Anna decided to reach out to Dr. Jennifer Wider to get the facts! (25:48)

What’s the most unattractive thing that someone can do on a date? Anna read a study that determined the number one thing that can turn a potential date off! (29:18)

Natalie and Oliver’s 16-year-old daughter is going into her junior year. She had a good job all summer long and earned decent money. She has requested a new laptop for school along with other supplies. Natalie thinks she should use her own money to buy the supplies and the computer, she’s old enough to learn that she worked, now she pays. Oliver disagrees and says that she’s still a child, they should pay for her school items until she’s out of college. What do you think? (36:49)

Josephine has got a shot at $2500! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (45:32)