Monday October 9, 2023: Phubbing; Psychic Search; Gross Playground

Monday October 9, 2023: Phubbing; Psychic Search; Gross Playground

It’s one of the rudest things you can do in a conversation, almost everyone does it, and now it’s got a name! (:30)

What’s the most annoying thing about Zoom? It may not be as widespread now as it was during the pandemic, but the old annoyances haven’t gone away! (3:45)

Following your dreams is nice, but if you quit your job out of nowhere and leave your whole team stuck, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:40)

How do you introduce yourself to the new neighbors? Anna moved into a new neighborhood and Raven has a foolproof plan to endear herself to everyone! (11:20)

Did you do something nice for someone over the weekend, but they didn’t give you any credit?  Or did someone do something nice for you, but you forgot to thank them?  Anna and Raven will give you the credit due! (15:00)

Have you ever gone to a psychic before? Anna wants to book a psychic for a Halloween party, but she wants to make sure they’re a good one! (22:23)

What’s the grossest thing you can find on a playground? Anna took her daughter to the playground recently and was appalled when she saw one of the features! (29:19)

Brian and Mary are retired. Brian would love to get a pilot’s license and learn to fly small aircraft. Mary thinks it’s unsafe and he’s too old to take up such a dangerous hobby this late in life. Brian says she’s overreacting, retirement is supposed to be for trying new things and chasing dreams you never achieved! What do you think?  (34:51)

Amanda has got a shot at $100! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (41:25)