Friday October 20, 2023: Shameless Flirt; Halloween Pizza; Raven’s Report Card

Friday October 20, 2023: Shameless Flirt; Halloween Pizza; Raven’s Report Card

If somebody is insulting you online, should you engage? Anna usually never does, but one troll crossed the line in the comment section! (:30)

What do you do when someone blatantly flirts with your significant other? Producer Jon was on a date when he suddenly noticed a man across the bar who had a staring problem… (4:35)

Gambling is risky enough as it is, but if you risk bad karma by not tipping the dealer, that’s all I need to know about you! (8:35)

What should you do when your child throws up? It happened to Producer Jon’s son the other day and he handled it nicely, so now Anna wants to hear all the WRONG ways to deal with a sick child! (12:00)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to the show to give Raven a grade on how he did as a husband that week. This week, Alicia and Raven celebrated their puppy’s birthday! (15:46)

What are your predictions for football Sunday? Anna doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but 10 year old Luke might know a thing or two! (19:28)

Have you ever made “Halloween Pizza”? Anna decided to have the entire show make their own version and she invited The Food Network’s Chef Plum on to give all their creations a taste! (22:22)

It’s time for Mommy’s Margarita Friday!  Moms (and Dads) share all the crazy things that their kids have put them through this week that have definitely earned them a margarita! (30:15)

Addison’s mother is moving into a retirement community and has asked Addison and her husband, Gary, to take her birds. She currently has an African Gray, a few canaries, and a pair of parakeets. Addison has spent her entire life with birds because her mom was such an avid bird lover. She feels like it’s her responsibility to take the animals. Gary can’t stand them. He says they’re loud, dirty, and that African Gray will live forever! Addison’s mom is adamant that no stranger should take her babies and Addison doesn’t want to disappoint her mother. It’s already a huge adjustment for her. What would you do? (33:54)

Ashley has got a shot at $900! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (42:25)