Thursday October 26, 2023: 40 Minute Presentation; Blocking Etiquette; Anna Remembers

Thursday October 26, 2023: 40 Minute Presentation; Blocking Etiquette; Anna Remembers

How many packages do you get delivered to your home on an average day? Anna has an order coming in and she’s afraid the Amazon driver is going to judge her! (:30)

What if a medicine you’ve been taking you entire life turned out to not be effective? Anna was shocked when a very popular cold remedy was discontinued, so she asked Dr. Jennifer Wider to share some insight! (2:58)

Kids come up with all kinds of funny nicknames for food, but if you do it as an adult, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:48)

If you had to give a 40 minute presentation right now, with absolutely no preparation, what would you talk about? Anna saw a meme about this the other day and it has been living in her head ever since! (10:07)

Is candy corn gross or delicious? Anna invited confectioner Carly Schildhaus onto the show to weigh in on the debate and to present Raven with a challenge… (16:45)

All this week you have a chance at a $50 Target gift card by playing Candy Autopsy with Anna & Raven! Anna reads off a specific recipe and you guess the candy! You get it right and you earn yourself a Target gift card! (20:48)

What’s the most popular Halloween costume this year? Anna was shocked to discover that one of the most popular is a character from 1988, so she asked costume expert Laura Fiest to give some insight! (22:42)

How good is your memory? Anna has been noticing her memory slipping recently, so yesterday she played a game with Raven that’s designed to improve it. Today, she finds out how well it worked… (26:42)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories? Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the proper way to block somebody on social media according to the rules of modern etiquette! (30:18)

Louie and Fran have been debating getting a live-in au-pair. Louie thinks it’ll be more cost efficient and give them more freedom with their busy work schedules. Fran just feels weird having a stranger from a different country come to live in their home for a year. What are your thoughts, and have you been in a similar situation? (33:32)

Margaret and Lohanna are teaming up to take on Raven in pop culture trivia! Can they succeed and win the $1300 jackpot? (41:01)