Wednesday November 22, 2023: Santa Tipline Returns; Kids Cook A Turkey; Unique Sides

Wednesday November 22, 2023: Santa Tipline Returns; Kids Cook A Turkey; Unique Sides

If you could have Thanksgiving dinner with one TV family, which would it be? Anna wants a wholesome experience, but Producer Sean got really dark! (:30)

The holidays are here and if you’re feeling stressed, Dr. Jennifer Wider has got some tips for Anna and Raven on how to keep your cool this season! (3:52)

The holidays always happen on the same day every year, so if you’re always late, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:49)

What unique sides does your family have on Thanksgiving? Producer Jon’s family eats something which sounds absolutely disgusting, yet oddly delicious… (10:54)

The Santa Tipline has returned!  Call 855-785-4101 and leave Santa a voicemail about who has been naughty and who has been nice.  Anna and Raven will play the funniest messages on the air! (17:10)

Things can get a little crazy during Thanksgiving dinner, but Etiquette expert Karen Thomas has some tips to deal with unruly family members! (20:44)

What are your predictions for the games tomorrow? Anna doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but 10-year-old Cooper definitely knows a thing or two!  (24:19)

28% of people admit that they don’t know how to cook a turkey, so Anna and Raven decided to ask some kids about how to prepare the Thanksgiving bird! (27:23)

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful, but Sue from The Butterball Hotline is here to answer Anna and Raven’s burning questions! (30:44)

Andrew and Gianna have a nine-year-old daughter who is very good at gymnastics. They would like to send her to an elite gymnastics’ academy but it’s very expensive. Andrew says they should ask their family to not give her Christmas gifts this year, instead give them money towards the gymnastics academy. Gianna says it’s not fair to their daughter that she won’t get regular gifts and basically, it’s a family Go Fund Me for their child. As the parents, it should be their responsibility to fit the bill even if it’ll be a struggle. What do you think?  (34:15)

Ryan has got a shot at $1100! All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (42:15)