Friday December 1, 2023: Single Christmas; Hot Girl Anthropologist; Raven’s Report Card

Friday December 1, 2023: Single Christmas; Hot Girl Anthropologist; Raven’s Report Card

Would you ever eat a $1 burrito? Anna and Raven disagree often, but they both agree that certain things need to cost more than a dollar… (:30)

It’s the first day of December! Astrologer Anne talks to Anna and Raven about what the stars might have in store for you this month! (3:20)

The best part about a Christmas present is the surprise! So if you go snooping around for your presents early, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:22)

The Santa Tipline has returned! Call 855-785-4101 and leave Santa a voicemail about who has been naughty and who has been nice. Anna and Raven will play the funniest messages on the air! (10:42)

Gen Z has declared that a staple of Millennial fashion is now dead! Anna and Raven invited Hannah Brown, the Hot Girl Anthropologist, to explain why! (13:54)

Being single on Christmas sounds lonely, but is it really? Anna and Raven invited single people to call in and share why they love being single during the holidays! (17:44)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to give Raven a grade on how he did as a husband this week! This week, Raven got a little overzealous when it came to cutting the tree… (20:44)

What are your predictions for football Sunday? Anna doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but 5-year-old Marco might know a thing or two! (24:49)

It’s time for Mommy’s Margarita Friday!  Moms (and Dads) share all the crazy things that their kids have put them through this week that have definitely earned them a margarita! (28:13)

Leslie can’t stand that her husband, Julian, wants to go grocery shopping with her every week. That means that they have to take their kids too. It becomes a huge outing, expensive, and overall stressful. She doesn’t understand why he can’t just stay home and watch the kids while she runs out for an hour. He says that he likes to see and choose the items, but admits that he can’t do the “real shopping” by himself. Can she make her husband stay home with the kids so she can shop in peace or is she mean? (31:36)

Mike has got a shot at $1600! All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (39:26)