THE FEED: Connecticut Cookies (and MORE) for Santa!

Christmas table scene of assorted sweets and cookies. Top view over a rustic wood background. Holiday baking concept.

THE FEED: Connecticut Cookies (and MORE) for Santa!

Each Tuesday, Kevin and Jenna talk about all things food in Connecticut with Alex from CT FoodGirly. Today, Alex tells us about all the great, local spots where you can pick up yummy treats for Santa. It’s more than just cookies (but the cookies sound pretty delish too!!).

Here are the details from CT FoodGirly:

– In Wallingford, there is Sweet Cioccolata, a small chocolate shop that serves amazing gourmet chocolates and they always have baskets, assortments, or dipped chocolate goodies. It’s the perfect grab and go situation if you need last minute gifts for hosts, family and friends, drop-bys or Santa! 

-In Wallingford, there is also Donovan Family Confections which serves truly stunning and very colorful bonbons. I saw on their Facebook that they were selling their new peanut praline reindeer square. Peanut, pecan, almond, pistachio and hazelnut. They’re adorable with stamped golden reindeer on top, Santa’s, penguins, and golden Christmas trees too. They really are just gorgeous chocolate treats and would
make the perfect winter treat.

– In Milford, there is Kathy’s Famous Cookies. They do scones, cupcakes,
cookies, muffins, and biscotti. They have delicious Christmas cookie
assortments, and beautiful buttercream covered sugar cookies as well.

– In East Haven, there is Sugar Bakery, which makes some really fantastic
gourmet cupcakes and cakes in dozens of flavors. Right now, they have a full holiday menu of Christmas decorated items like an adorable reindeer cake, Santa cupcake and cookie tray, Christmas cupcake packs, and a red velvet cannoli cake.

– In New Haven, there is the beautiful Pistachio Cafe, which serves small
individual cakes and slices of favorites like cheesecake and strawberry
shortbread, mousse cakes, and carrot cake too. They have a ton of vibrant macaron flavors as well, that would be a cute treat for Santa.

– There are also a bunch of Italian pastry shops around us that make great options for Santa, friends, family, and your next holiday party.

We have Libby’s in New Haven, definitely get some Italian ice on your way out from shopping there. 

Also, in New Haven is Lucibello’s. I’m sure Santa would
love a cannoli or two. 

There is also Mozzicato Bakery located in Wallingford, Middletown, Hartford and more. They have pre-packaged assorted cookie trays
that make the perfect gift, they come in all different sizes and colors.

In Hamden, there is DiSorbo’s Italian Bakery and their pastries would be a huge hit.

image credit: Getty Images