THE FEED: Celebrating Your Engagement Before the Big “I Do’s”!

Pink balloons. Helium balloons in pink and white decoration for the hen party with the words written as Bride to be.

THE FEED: Celebrating Your Engagement Before the Big “I Do’s”!

Are you or a friend recently engaged? Congrats! There are so many moments to celebrate before the big day, and CT Food Girly is sharing the best local spots to host the party! Check out her picks that are a match made in heaven for Engagement Dinners, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, and more:


1. At The Blake Hotel, they newly reopened their rooftop bar, which used to be called The High George and is now called Sienna, they offer private events up there and this could be a truly dreamy and romantic dinner party for an engagement or a smaller shower. Sienna focuses on Italian traditional meals with some contemporary flair, their cocktail menu is off the charts as well. 

2. In Shelton, there is one of my top restaurants called Il Palio, that has a stunning glass dining room downstairs that would be perfect for any bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding celebration. The Italian food and services are always incredible, we had a huge surprise party here for my father and it’s a night we all still talk about because Il Palio made it perfect. It’s very romantic around the winter months, all the trees are covered in lights, it’s truly a beautiful spot to add to your list. 

3. Lastly, there is a gorgeous restaurant in West Hartford called Artisan, it is located in the DelMar Hotel. It has outdoor seating, great dishes, and cocktails as well. I recently went to a shower here in the summer and it was gorgeous. The interior is cozy and welcoming, but what truly impressed me here was the wonderful service and the phenomenal food. Every single meal was fantastic, this would be a great spot for an engagement party and dinner. 

Different Ideas: 

1. In 2020, Chef Ray Gennaro started his own catering and private dining venture, it’s called Chef Ray’s Gourmet, he offers an – In-house private chef experience, which could be great for a small group that wants to spend time together and not worry about the prep and cooking themselves. – Home delivery with bake/heat and serve trays, which could be great for the bridesmaid asking or even his educational in-house cooking classes – Chef Ray also has a Food truck (serves 100-1000 guests) if you wanted to have him for your shower or even a jack and jill event later on – I do know he has Pop-up restaurant events in CT: he has his next pop-up on February 11th at Michelina’s in New Haven: it’s all about “bringing back the classics” in italian cooking, this could be really cute to do with bridesmaids or on your bachelorette or even you and your new fiance 

2. There is a newly opened house in New Haven, called The Estate that is a perfect venue for engagement parties, photo shoots or even a wedding venue. They have both indoor and outdoor spaces, with beautiful grounds. This would be a great spot to bring your favorite vendors and caterers too to celebrate your new engagement with a cocktail hour and dinner. 

3. There is a very quaint and rustic Italian winery in Northford, called Rosabianca Vineyards, that would make the perfect spot for an intimate engagement party, smaller bridal shower, or bridesmaid fun. They post a full calendar online with their events and food trucks. In the winter, everything is inside, but in the springtime, this is a great option, not to mention their wine is incredible. I order a case of their white Dolce Gocce every year, it is truly that good. 

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