THE FEED: Local Spots to Get You Through the Rest of Dry January!

Calendar marked to indicate that January is Dry January - a month to stay sober and alcohol-free

THE FEED: Local Spots to Get You Through the Rest of Dry January!

Each Tuesday, Kevin and Jenna talk about all things food in Connecticut with Alex from CT FoodGirly. Cheers to hitting the halfway mark of Dry January! Alex has the inside scoop on the coolest local spots serving up amazing mocktails and other non-alcoholic delights. These drinks are so tasty that you might just want to keep the alcohol-free fun going way beyond Valentine’s Day! Check out CT Food Girly’s Picks below:

We talked about the new Siena Ristorante in New Haven last week in the Blake Hotel and I read from a Stamford Advocate article that they offer a section on their drinks menu specifically for non-alcoholic beverages. They have a non-alcoholic aperol spritz on there, non-alcoholic gin and mezcal too. I’m sure they can create a lot of different mocktails and it’s a great spot if you’re doing Dry January.

Also in New Haven is Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ. This month they are offering $5 spirit free drinks all month long. I’m not positive if that is for happy hour only for that price, but it’s nice to see that they have mocktails on the menu. New Haven’s Fair Haven Oyster Co, has two spirit free drinks on their menu the paper tiger which is lime,cucumber, jalapeno agave, and grapefruit and then the shore up which is coconut, pineapple, orange, and nutmeg.

Lastly in New Haven, is Ordinary, a great find for those who love a different type of bar scene in the New Haven area. They have three alcohol free drinks on their menu right now. The orbit beauty sounds amazing to me, it’s grapefruit, lime, honey, cinnamon, ginger and orange blossom.


If we step out of New Haven and head towards Hartford, there is the Conspiracy Cocktail Bar located in Middletown that now has added 8 new drinks this month to their menu and have included non-alcoholic beverages on that list. I took a peak and there was a great old-fashioned on there with non-alcoholic bourbon.

In West Hartford, there is the Birdie Lounge which serves some seriously awesome hand crafted mocktails, I saw a mai tai on that menu, they also offer the non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing Co. I have been seeing a lot of that yellow and blue can around lately and it’s cool to note that they all started in Stratford CT and they moved to Milford and they’re also in San Diego, CA .

My last two are both in Norwalk, if we’re headed towards that way, the first is Taco Guy, which has an awesome section on their menu called “Aguas Frescas” and it’s all non-alcoholic cocktails, beers and Micheladas, which is a classic mexican cocktail with beer, spices, and lime. They’re priced really nicely and seem like a great option for my Dry January folks and beyond.

The second Norwalk stop is Josie and Tony’s, who actually has a section on their drink menu for no alcohol and low alcohol options. I love that. I saw a non-alcoholic gin drink and a low alcohol punch.

image credit: Getty Images