Thursday February 15, 2024: Toxic Trait; Potty Words; Next Level Pizza Rolls

Thursday February 15, 2024: Toxic Trait; Potty Words; Next Level Pizza Rolls

Did you write a love note to your significant other yesterday? Anna was shocked to hear the method that over 50% of men used to write a note to their special someone!

Did you do something nice for someone and no one gave you any credit? Anna and Raven will give you your credit due! Producer’s Sean and Jon both had a situation where they felt snubbed!

Most people in this country speak English, but if you insist on calling the language by a different, “patriotic” name, that’s all I need to know about you!

Does Valentine’s Day mean something different than it used to? After seeing all the things that her kindergartener brought home, Anna was confused about what we’re actually celebrating!

What’s your toxic trait? It can be hard to look inward, but Anna found a list of common toxic traits online and she had to admit that some of them apply to her!

Is it ever ok to let your children swear? Anna saw a new trend on TikTok that involves letting your child swear, but only in a very specific part of the house…

Are Totino’s Pizza Rolls an acceptable Superbowl food? Last week, Anna said no, but a letter she received might have changed her mind!

Adam has a problem with the fact that his wife, Raquel, swears in front of their children. They are three-years-old and nine-months old. Raquel says that they’re babies, they don’t understand. Plus, it’s not like they’ll never hear the words. It’s not a big deal that she lets the bad words slip and she has a potty mouth. Do you think it’s a big deal, does it matter?

Jim has got a shot at $700! All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!