Friday March 8th, 2024: March Sauceness; Always Out Of; Raven’s Report Card

Friday March 8th, 2024: March Sauceness; Always Out Of; Raven’s Report Card

Anna had something happen during school pickup and it’s sure to stick with her forever now.

March Sauceness continues with Chef Plum! Today, learn how to make a delicious Arrabiata.

If you shop on this specific website and think you are getting a quality item, that’s all I need to know about you.

Raven’s wife, Alicia, says she is always buying air fresheners, but it never seems to be around when she needs it most. What are you buying that you always seem to be out of?

Couples Court: Natalie and Zane have been together for 20 years. They’ve always agreed that they didn’t want to get married, that they didn’t need a “paper” for their relationship. But now that they’ve turned 40, Zane has changed his mind and thinks they should get married. Natalie is very much against it, this has worked for them for so long, why change it now? Zane thinks that their relationship has matured and it’s important to legally be recognized. She disagrees. What do you think?

Every week, Raven’s wife grades Raven based on how he behaved as a husband. What grade will he get this week?

Have you bought yourself a Stanley Cup yet? Play Craig’s List Price is Right! If you can guess the price of a crazy item on Craig’s list, Anna and Raven will give you a free Anna and Raven signature Stanley Cup!

Daniella has a chance at $700! All she needs to do is beat Raven at Can’t Beat Raven. How many questions would you have gotten right today?

Anna says for all you do, and all you put up with this week, you’ve earned yourself a drink. What did you do to earn your Mommy Margarita?

Miss anything this week on the show? The recap has you covered!