THE FEED: Eating With Our Hands

THE FEED: Eating With Our Hands

Every Tuesday, Kevin and Jenna talk about all things food in Connecticut with Alex from CT Food Girly. This week she tells us some of the best places to get foods that you an eat with your hands! Everything from breakfast sandwiches to ribs to tacos. 

Image credit: CT Food Girly

– Last week I went to the new restaurant on Howe St in New Haven, called Hot Murga. The food is inspired by Nashville fried chicken with a dash of vibrant indian spice, so in short, indian fried hot chicken. And let me tell you, the murga masala sandwich with their tikka masala sauce and their chicken tenders with murga sauce were amazing. I would go back simply from those two items. They also have some finger-looking good buttermilk belgian waffles with powdered sugar and badmaash’s fries topped with fried chicken, pickles, coleslaw and murga sauce. It’s a really cool combo and you’ll be eating with your hands and you may need some glasses of water nearby as well.

– Another one of my favorite spots, we actually ordered take out from here for my dad’s birthday this past weekend, is The Rib House, located in East Haven. They’re known for their fresh ribs that fall off the bone, sweet corn, warm mac and cheese bites and celsius wings with a ton of different sauces to try. They have a full bar, weekly happy hour, and incredible dinner specials. I always order the half rack of baby back ribs and I clean my plate. Right now, I’m actually doing a giveaway with them on Instagram, so that two winners that have entered can win gift cards to The Rib House and experience this bbq-loving spot.

– Last one on my list is Katz Restaurant Deli in Woodbridge. They are open 7 days a week, serving the most delicious wraps, burgers, subs, and most importantly, pastrami and corned beef reubens and rachel’s. Their reubens are loaded with the meats, melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut, russian dressing and always served warm on grilled rye bread. Their rachel’s sub-out the sauerkraut for coleslaw and are equally delicious. You will definitely need two hands to get the right grip on these sandwiches, they are always made fresh and I want to mention that Katz’s has some of the best french fries as well.


– On the MilfordGreen, there is a great bakeshop called Scratch Baking. All their products are made in house from real ingredients, each loaf of bread is shaped by hand. They make pretzels, muffins, cakes, egg and cheese sandwiches with fresh bread, cookies, scones, brownies, croissants, you name it and Scratch bakes it. I even know that they make their own cereal, rice krispie treats, and bagels.  This is a perfect spot if you want fresh baked goods to eat, but also their sandwiches, salads, and soups make for the perfect meal or lunch option out in Milford.

Another one I have on my list for spots to eat with your hands is House of Pho in Stratford. Now, not only do they serve delicious bowls of pho, but they also have amazing finger-picking appetizers like fried pork or veggie wontons, fried egg rolls, steam baos with pork belly, crispy chicken, fried tofu, or roasted pork. Also, edamame, KFC wings, honey lemongrass meatballs and lump crab cakes.

– The last one on my list here is 29 Markle in Bridgeport. They have a great seasonal menu, cocktails and atmosphere. For foods to each with your hands, they offer  Manmita’s Black Rice & Crab Balls with old bay crème. Grilled Lamb Skewers made with lamb tenderloin, berbere spice, spiced yogurt, red onion, and herbs. Snapper & Pickled Chilies Tacos with cabbage slaw, herbed avocado aioli, and cilantro. Lastly, grilled local oysters with sake granita, lemongrass oil, and chilies. All delicious, and all upscale eat with your hands moment.