Thursday April 4, 2024: Fringe Returns; Ow Ow Temu; March Mammal Madness

Thursday April 4, 2024: Fringe Returns; Ow Ow Temu; March Mammal Madness

Do you ever lie to your doctor? Raven used to for a long time and now that he’s stopped doing it, things have gotten much worse!

Have you done your taxes yet? Anna invited her friend, CPA Fred Kerendian to help out those of us who have started the process a little late!

Flip flops are one thing, but if you’re a grown man wearing crocs, that’s all I need to know about you!

Have you gotten your goggles to watch the Eclipse yet? If not, Anna and Raven have found a homemade solution…

What ridiculous fashion trend did you rock back in the day? Anna was horrified when she heard that this antiquated style may be coming back!

Have you bought anything off of Temu? Anna has been waiting for an order for weeks and it finally arrived! Now it’s time to test out the electric ab machine!

Anna has three crazy news stories, but Raven can only pick one! Today his options are; a shoplifting “game”, stranded cruise passengers, and a nine year old in a police chase!

It’s time for March Mammal Madness! While the rest of the world is watching basketball, Anna and Raven are determining the coolest mammal of all time! Today’s the Final Four begins with Rhinos vs. Gnarwhals!

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories? Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the billion dollar Powerball!

 Tara has been spending about forty extra dollars a week buying organic fruits and vegetables for their family. Sasha thinks this is ridiculous because you don’t even know if it’s healthier for you. It’s expensive and the jury is still out- Do you agree?

Dina has got a shot at $300! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!