Wednesday April 10, 2024: Meal Ruined; Phlebotomists; Ozempic Alternatives

Wednesday April 10, 2024: Meal Ruined; Phlebotomists; Ozempic Alternatives

Is there such a thing as being too short? What would you qualify as someone being too short for you?

A list has come out about the most annoying things about summer, and number one on that list…tourists!  What are the top five most annoying thing tourists do?

Everyone loves their dog and thinks that they’re cute, but if you let your dog jump all over people, that’s all I need to know about you!

How did a restaurant ruin a meal for you? A restaurant in Texas has a bizarre rule that’s causing issues with patrons…

Some people have claimed they were getting married during the Solar Eclipse, but did anyone actually go through with it?

What profession has the nicest people? Anna notices that every time she goes to the doctor, there’s one specific type of medical professional that is always so nice!

Ozempic and other drugs like it are often prohibitively expensive, but what if you were able to mimic their effects by eating certain food? According to Dr. Jennifer Wider, the answer is yes, so Anna is having everyone on the show try them out!

Louie and Freida are having a disagreement about whether it’s inappropriate to ask someone if you can buy their dog. Freida has been dog walking her neighbor’s dog for years. Her neighbor is finally retiring and moving away. Freida knows she’s moving across the country and would like to ask her neighbor if she would consider leaving the dog with them. She would offer to pay for the dog. Louie says it’ll be insulting! What do you think?

Maureen has got a shot at $700! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!