Thursday, December 9, 2021:  Anna’s Movie Deal; Your Home Remedy; The Budget Babe

Thursday, December 9, 2021: Anna’s Movie Deal; Your Home Remedy; The Budget Babe

Holiday themed food can be a little corny, but when Anna heard about what KFC is selling this season, she knew she needed to have it! (:30)

The new celebrity fashion trend this season is…cat suits?  Don’t worry if that’s not quite your speed, Dianna Baros, The Budget Babe, has some budget friendly options to have you looking good this holiday season!  (2:42)

Anna’s bosses have commented that she sometimes has a problem staying awake.  So, this week she has decided to do something about it!  Today, Raven has prepared a selection of musical stimulants to keep Anna going!  (6:31)

Today is National Christmas Card Day, so if you’re still having an argument with your spouse about how you need to start getting your holiday cards ready, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:34)

The Santa Tipline has returned!  Call 833-431-0905 and leave Santa a voicemail about who has been naughty and who has been nice.  Anna and Raven will play the funniest messages on the air! (14:18) 

Anna has got three crazy news stories from this week and Raven is gonna pick one to talk about!  This week, his options are; a joke that turned into an official elected position, dumb criminal hijinks, and how a teacher got himself kicked out of school for bad karaoke!  (18:00)

Think you’ve got a good idea for a new product?  Odds are these kids have got you beat!  Anna and Raven talk to the Naqvi Brothers, the youngest people to appear on Shark Tank twice!  (21:45)

Anna loves cheesy Christmas movies, and she has an idea for a fantastic new movie that’s full of holiday cheer!  Now, against all odds, Anna has been contacted by a real movie producer who is interested in making the movie!  (25:44)

Do you have a go-to home remedy when a family member is sick?  Anna’s daughter spiked a huge fever last week and when she told a friend about it, she couldn’t believe what her friend told her to do!  (29:44)

Steve and Kayla are visiting with his family over the holiday, and he’s asked her not to wear her favorite jewelry during their stay. That way no one is envious or feels inadequate he says, he just doesn’t want them to look flashy. Kayla says these are my favorite things, and I’ve proud of what we’ve earned! She plans to wear what she wants at Christmas; do you agree?  (36:04)

Deirdre and Reaghan think they’ve got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can they finally take him down and win the $2200 jackpot?  (44:30)