Thursday April 14, 2022:  Is Anna Rude?; All By Myself; Wedding Traditions

Thursday April 14, 2022:  Is Anna Rude?; All By Myself; Wedding Traditions

People eat lots of questionable things at baseball games, but Anna heard that one stadium is starting to serve something you would never expect to eat at a sporting event! (:30)

Anna’s got three crazy news stories and Raven’s going to pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; a pizza delivery man who stole a cat, a babysitter who put the kid in a dryer, and police pulling over a driverless car!  (2:54)

Lots of Easter Baskets will be handed out this week, but if you’re the type of parent to steal candy out of your child’s basket, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:39)

Is Anna being rude?  Anna was told the other day that she’s been asking her friends rude questions, so she decided to give Raven some examples and let him decide if she’s being inappropriate!  (9:56)

There’s so many songs about Santa Claus, but why are there almost no songs about the Easter Bunny?  Anna decided to correct this by having Producer Jon write a new one!  (13:54)

Would you ever go on a vacation by yourself?  Raven had a friend do this recently and Anna thought it was the weirdest thing ever!  (17:18)

If you get one of your kid’s names tattooed on your body, do you have to do it for all your other kids too?  Anna is having this exact problem and she’s not sure what to do about it, so she decided to ask a professional tattoo artist for help!  (24:36)

What wedding traditions are too outdated for 2022?  Now that wedding season is here, Anna and Raven take a look at some of our oldest marital traditions and decide which ones are no longer cool.  (28:31)

Henrietta and Adam’s 23-year-old daughter would like to work with them to take over their party rental company. Henrietta thinks it’s okay, she graduated college, and if she has a passion for taking over their company one day, then why not? Adam disagrees. He thinks she’s better and more educated than delivering tents and chairs. Whose side are you on? (36:15)

The Can’t Beat Raven jackpot is at a record $5200!  Does Scott have what it takes to finally beat Raven in pop culture trivia and win all that money?  (43:44)