Tuesday June 7, 2022:  Just Give Up; Raven Lost at Sea; Celebrity Doppelganger  

Tuesday June 7, 2022:  Just Give Up; Raven Lost at Sea; Celebrity Doppelganger  

Have you ever confided in your parent only to be shut down brutally?  Anna confessed to feeling sad about something to Mom, only to have her Mom tell her she was way too old to feel that way!  (:30)

Do you have a celebrity doppelganger?  Anna has always been convinced that she looks just like DJ from Full House, but one listener has a more obscure celebrity that they think is Anna’s secret twin!  (3:17)

Police chases are supposed to be adrenaline-fueled, high speed events!  So if you have the time to drink a capri-sun while involved in a police chase, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:13)

What’s your love language?  According to most relationship experts there are 5, but Dr. Patrick Wanis wants to tell Anna and Raven about a potential 6th love language!  (10:57)

Vacation is usually a relaxing time, but for Raven it almost resulted in him getting lost at sea!  (14:57)

If you’ve ever wished you could take back or change a text message, Anna has some good news for you!  (18:57)

Has your child ever given you a bizarre request and, instead of fighting, you just gave in?  Anna’s toddler has decided she wants to change her name, but she has gone about it in a surprisingly adult way!  (22:56)

Do you find Dad Bod’s attractive?  Anna doesn’t but if you can convince her otherwise, you could win a $200 Home Depot gift card!  (30:47)

Your wedding proposal is usually one of the most memorable moments in your life.  But for one couple at Disney World, it became memorable for all the wrong reasons!  (34:17)

Steve and Lucy are planning their fall wedding and Lucy has an idea- dogs! She wants to invite their guests to bring their dogs to the party. She even okayed it with the venue. (They’re having an outdoor wedding at a vineyard) Steve thinks it’s not a great idea, it can be chaotic, plus, they’ve already made a big “no kids” rule, but people can bring their dogs?! What do you think?  (38:16)

Kiara has got a shot at $600!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (44:33)