Thursday June 1st; Helluva Story; Parent Burnout; Mouse In The House

Thursday June 1st; Helluva Story; Parent Burnout; Mouse In The House

It’s the time for senior pranks, but can they go too far? (0:30)

Have a Helluva Story? Derik shares his Helluva Story about how he met and married a woman in Pakistan. (3:07)

If you think this, just because Aaron Rodgers went to a Taylor Swift concert, that’s all I need to know about you. (7:12)

Parental burnout is a real thing. What is it exactly, and how can you manage it? Ruth Freeman is the founder and President of, and explains ways to deal with parental burnout. (10:26)

There are plenty of diet plans out there to help you lose weight, but Dr. Wider has a suggestion for one that can help you with your weight loss without spending a single penny. (14:12)

Have you ever dealt with having a mouse in your house? Anna has been recently after finding out about having mice in the house she just sold. (18:03)

What will the stars tell us about what we can expect this month? Astrologer Anne joins us to fill you in! (24:34)

Couples Court: Where do you keep your butter?  Aaron’s mom always kept the butter out so that it stayed soft, but now his wife Carolina prefers to keep it refrigerated.  The problem is that Aaron’s mom always leaves it out when she comes over even though Carolina has asked her not to! Aaron says it’s no big deal and Carolina should just let it go. Whose side are you on? (28:08)

Can Elizabeth beat Raven in pop culture trivia? Find out! (35:32)

The Government of Latvia has declared this past Monday as a holiday after beating America and coming in third in a hockey championship game. Do you have an award or trophy that you cherish? (39:28)